My name is Ben Durkee. I’m a senior at Purdue University and I’ll be graduating in December of 2021. I am currently seeking an internship for the Summer of 2021. I’m pursuing a concentration in controls and astrodynamics, while doing my best to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of other aerospace disciplines too.

Outside of academics:

  • I am the Design Lead of Purdue Orbital’s Commercial Rocket team
  • I am working on a coring drill bit and stabilizing jig for use on the NASA Artemis Project moon missions
  • I am a student pilot
  • I am Level 1 High Powered Rocketry certified
  • I am SCUBA certified
  • I am a student leader of the bass drums of the Purdue “All-American Marching Band” drumline
  • I am the jazz pianist for the Purdue American Music Repertory Ensemble
  • I am a comedy variety streamer and have cultivated a tight-knit community on
  • I create original content and post livestream edits on YouTube
  • I have a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • I love rock climbing and am belay certified
  • I occasionally surf (though there aren’t many opportunities when you are landlocked in Indiana)
  • I once ate a Chipotle burrito without spilling a single crumb